Utah Scientific IBC2006 Preview


MC-400 Master Control Switcher
The MC-400 is a new master control and channel-branding module that fits into an output slot of the UTAH-400 router, providing a simple and convenient solution for basic master control functionality. The system features dual keyers, an internal logo store and audio clip store, and full audio/video mixing functionality. The MC-400 can be controlled by the new MCP-400, a 2-RU control panel designed to match the functions of the new switcher module, or it can be used with an existing, full-featured MC-2020 control panel.

KP-400 Dual-Channel Key Processor
Based on the design of the MC-400 master control switcher, the KP-400 offers two independent HD/SD keyers with full preview capabilities on a board that can be installed in a standard UTAH-400 routing switcher output slot. A 1-RU control panel provides access to all key adjustment and operational controls.

UCP-MM Multi-Mode Control Panel
The UCP-MM Multi-Mode Control Panel is a fully programmable router control panel with multiple user-selectable operating modes including multi-bus, X-Y, and direct-take modes. The UCP-MM offers maximum operational flexibility through the use of dynamically re-legendable buttons and touch-screen LCD displays.


UTAH-400 Router With Fiber I/O
The UTAH-400 Routing Switcher, which handles a wide range of video signal formats including analog, SDI, and HD, now also includes an option for fiber optic inputs and outputs. This option consists of input and output boards that carry eight signals each, internal connector boards that hold the electrical/optical and optical/electrical converter blocks, and updated rear-panel assemblies that allow fiber optic connectors to plug directly into the UTAH-400.

SqueezeMAX Plus and SqueezeMAX HD
SqueezeMAX Plus is an optional software package for Utah's SqueezeMAX Master Control Effects and Graphics System providing automatic EAS message alerts, time and temperature displays, and animated logos. SqueezeMAX HD provides these advanced channel branding facilities for HD master control systems.

SqueezeMAX is a versatile video effects system with built-in graphics display capabilities, offering a complete solution for on-air squeezeback effects, logo insertion, and other channel-branding operations. SqueezeMAX is available for stand-alone use or can be integrated in the Utah Scientific MC-2020, a full-featured master control switcher that provides a cost-effective solution for digital master control requirements in HD, SD, or mixed multichannel environments.