USC Deploys LiveU for Live Coverage of Trojans Athletics

HACKENSACK, N.J.— The University of Southern California athletic department has deployed LiveU’s video uplink solutions to power the school’s Tunnel Vision live programming from Memorial Coliseum, coverage from road games and stream live games online.

Since the start of the 2013 football season, the Trojans have leveraged the LiveU solution to transmit pre-game and post game live shows from the field branded as “Tunnel Vision.”

Coverage includes live feeds of players running onto the field for warm ups via the tunnel, Trojans Walk-by with fans down the 50 yard line seats, team prayer, cheerleader drills, Trojans mascot riding on to the field on horseback, and interviews with coaches and the Athletic Director by talent Katie Boggs in the 60 minute countdown to the game, and after the game.

The show also mixes in b-roll taken earlier in the day such as players getting off the team bus, and more, and USC also uses LiveU technology for other events throughout the week and the season including press conferences and banquets.

“With LiveU, we can offer new unique types of very appealing content for fans, and a lot more of it,” said Rich Rodriguez, Executive Producer. “This is extremely important given the length restrictions on actual game highlights we can post on our website. LiveU technology allows our fans to become ‘a fly on the wall’ and get a unique point of view they couldn’t see before.”

USC also uses LiveU technology to streamline the posting of video highlights.

“While our teams are on the road, we use LiveU to feed our ftp footage. We send post game pressers directly to PAC 12 for use on-air. Also, we send footage to our own production facility in real time, so that we can easily post all of our game highlights and related content immediately after each game. In the past, we had to wait several hours until we arrived back home to do so,” added Rodriguez.