UK’s Channel Five selects Eyeheight complianceSuiteFC

Major UK commercial broadcaster Channel Five has taken delivery of 29 complianceSuiteFC modules from Eyeheight as part of the broadcaster’s migration to a file-based post-production and transmission infrastructure. A modular suite of plug-ins for Apple’s Final Cut Pro platform, complianceSuiteFC incorporates the legalEyesFC video legalizer and safeEyesFC safe-area generator. Once installed, both become seamlessly accessible from the Final Cut Pro user interface.

Designed for operation in HD and SD, legalEyesFC supports all combinations of file format and source color-space recognized by Final Cut. It also provides composite, RGB, RGB-plus-Y and simultaneous composite-plus-RGB legalization, all with user-adjustable soft clipping on high and low thresholds. Eyeheight's integral “clobbeRing” nonlinear predictive-filtering process reduces luminance overshoots commonly seen on computer-generated or highly graded footage.

The safeEyesFC element of complianceSuiteFC allows the display mode of each marker to be independently configured for optimal comprehension. Cursors can be viewed within the Final Cut GUI or displayed on any external monitor. The unit comes with 60 preconfigured markers. Administrators can modify the markers available to users, add new custom markers or restrict access. An integral measurement tool provides a simple and reliable way to check text height for regulatory compliance. The measured area is clearly indicated with user-selectable color and opacity.