TVU Unveils Grid IP-based Routing, Switching

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CALIF. -- TVU Networks is launching of TVU Grid, an IP-based video distribution, routing and switching platform that directs live video streams among multiple remote locations. TVU Grid offers scalability for point-to-point or point-to-multipoint live video distribution.

TVU Grid consists of the TVU Grid Transceiver, TVU Grid Switch Panel, TVU Grid Server, and TVU Grid Management Server. The TVUPack, TVUPack Mini and TVU Anywhere mobile broadcast technologies are also part of the TVU Grid ecosystem. With TVU Grid Transceiver, broadcasters can distribute live video captured by any SDI input source including portable wireless broadcast devices like TVUPack transmitters, professional cameras, video switchers, standard media players and local live studio feeds with minimal latency.

The TVU Grid offers point-to-multipoint distribution by inputting an SDI feed or connecting a TVUPack transmitter in the field. It enables frame-accurate IP video switching an “ unlimited number of video streams ” from various locations, according to the company.

TVU Grid will be on display at NAB 2013 in TVU booth No. SU7105 and is immediately available for purchase.