T-VIPS to launch IP MPEG transport stream gateway at NAB Show

T-VIPS, the Norwegian video transcoding specialist best known for its JPEG 2000 video contribution platforms, will launch the TVG425 transport stream gateway at the 2011 NAB Show. This gateway has been developed for applications including professional broadcast contribution, distribution and live event coverage.

Broadcasters, network operators and other video professionals will typically deploy the TVG425 for contribution and distribution of MPEG-2 transport streams, transport stream interface adaptation and IP-to-IP applications such as multicast to unicast conversion and small casting, a critical feature for network operators who need to combine multicast and unicast IP connectivity. It also supports redundancy, by enabling outputs to spread across IP and ASI interfaces, as well as automatic input switching between redundant transport stream sources.

The TVG425 provides transparent handling of up to eight independent MPEG transport streams over ASI, IP/Ethernet and SONET/SDH. It supports input signal monitoring, flexible output diversity, dual network interfaces, input switching between redundant sources and bidirectional operation.