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T-Vips T2 Gateway Tapped for DVB-T2 Project in AsiaPac

OSLO, NORWAY: T-Vips announced that IGLOO, a joint venture between SKY and TVNZ offering a new television service in New Zealand, has selected the T-Vips CP560 DVB-T2 Gateway for the New Zealand deployment of a DVB-T2 network. The project marks the first delivery of a pay TV service using DVB-T2 technology in the AsiaPAC region.

The CP560 DVB-T2 Gateway enables the HD delivery of TV in terrestrial networks, allowing operators to take advantage of more efficient spectrum utilization and generate the accurate timing information required for SFN networks. Kordia, on behalf of IGLOO, will be operating the T2 Gateways in single PLP mode across an IP network which will co-exist alongside the existing DVB-T infrastructure. The DVB-T2 MI signal is distributed over the nationwide IP network as a multicast IP stream, feeding the transmitters directly with an IP stream, thereby simplifying the number of devices in the distribution network. T-Vips has provided a one-to-one redundancy solution. T-Vips said he newly implemented DVB-T2 network offers a 47 percent increase in bitrate to 38.9 Mbps for the same transmission powers and similar coverage as the existing Freeview DVB-T network, the vendor said.