TVB Tech Alert: Nano Wire

ATHENS, OHIO: Scientists at the University of Ohio have developed a superconductor comprised of just four pairs of molecules, according to their abstract in Nature Nanotechnology. Standard metal conductive connections have to be substantial enough to withstand the effect of heat transfer. The smaller the wire, the greater the heat build-up. However, using superconductive materials, the UO research team created the first-known nanoscale semiconductor.

“Here, we use scanning tunneling spectroscopy to show that a single layer of [synthesized salt] molecules on an [silver substrate] surface displays a superconducting gap that increases exponentially with the length of the molecular chain,” the abstract reads. “Moreover, we show that a superconducting gap can still be detected for just four pairs of [synthesized salt]molecules. Real-space spectroscopic images directly visualize the chains of... molecules as the origin of the superconductivity.”

The revelation has implications for every industry reliant on integrated circuits. The Columbus Dispatch has more, “OU research discovery is step to miniscule wiring.”