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TVB Tech Alert I: Stereo Zoom

TOKYO: HD flip cameras make it nice and easy to capture Web-quality video at a low cost, but the built-in audio capabilities of inexpensive pocket camcorders traditionally has been weak. Enter Japanese MI and audio recording equipment manufacturer Zoom, looking to change that with the Zoom Q3. The Q3 uses a pair of condenser mics in an X/Y pattern for stereo recording.

Audio formats with video include 44.1/48kHz 16/24-bit linear PCM or MP3 up to 320 kbps. Video is in MPEG-4 SP format at 30 fps, yielding video at resolution of 640-by-480. It can also be used as an audio-only recorder delivering up to 96 kHz 16/24-bit linear PCM audio. Zoom Q3 has a 320-by-240 pixel 2.4-inch LCD screen with an on-screen audio meter and software for editing and posting video on YouTube. Samson Technologies is the exclusive distributor of Zoom products in the United States.