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TVB Tech Alert: 9-inch ‘Widescreen’ Digital TV

IRVINE, CALIF.: Online retailer eCrater is offering an “ATSC Widescreen Digital LCD TV” with a screen that’s all of nine inches.

“Don’t miss a single minute of your favorite sports and TV show--if you are ready to upgrade your desktop or car TV to the new digital TV standard, then the CVFQ-E06 is the product for you! With this right-sized 9-inch LCD TV you have a modern digital television with a built-in tuner, so there is no need for a clumsy converter box,” the product chatter states. “Do you like to watch TV while you are working at your computer desk? Do you need a TV in the RV-van-SUV to keep the kids entertained? Do you want to watch TV while you are cooking in the kitchen? Then have we got the TV for you!”

There’s no mention that that vehicular reception requires begin parked. The CVFQ-E06 is listed for $166.97 plus shipping at