TSL to Showcase Confidence Audio Monitoring Solutions, Studio Control Systems, Vertical Power


SINGAPORE—TSL Professional Products Ltd., will introduce new solutions at Broadcast Asia 2013.

The compact PAM PiCo Five, which is no bigger than a smartphone, with StarFish surround sound display, enables real time logging of relevant loudness parameters, including high and low loudness levels, peak-level and corresponding peak channel, as well as integrated loudness. The logging software application provides instant documentation, visualization and evaluation of any source passing through the meter unit. Session data may be exported as a PDF or CSV files.

The SAM1-3GM is a flexible, intuitive audio monitoring system that offers seamless operation in settings including Multilanguage and surround sound/stereo production to live sports and event broadcasting. The SAM1-3GM provides visual feedback from 16 channel sources of embedded SDI. Two auxiliary analog or AES input channels can be mixed into the monitoring chain.

The Monitor Plus Family offers robust entry-level audio monitoring. On display will be the MPA1-3G, which provides comprehensive de-embedding capabilities and accepts SD- or HD-SDI signals up to and including 3G. TSL will also exhibit the MPA1-ASB+ and –ASC+ units, which are available in dual- or eight-stereo-input versions and are built around a brand-new hardware platform.

The SoundField X-1 upmix/downmix audio processor is a solution for stereo to 5.1 upmixing. Employing the same algorithm as SoundField’s UPM-1 upmix processor to achieve 5.1 to stereo upmix/downmix, the X-1 is just 1U-high offering simultaneous upmix/downmix processes, increased downmix quality control and a range of AES digital inputs/outputs on BNC.

TSL PPL’s TallyMan is designed to coordinate routers, vision switchers, cameras, audio monitoring, power distribution and talkback systems, to provide seamless cross-equipment communications and control. Featured at will be the TallyMan (push-button) TMCP Control Panels, which provide both a common workflow for engineering operators and the capability of addressing routers and control units.Through either a desktop virtual panel (TallyMan VP) or a tactile hardware panel in 16/32/48-button models (TMCP), the units interface with any third-party router, or router control panels, and can be integrated into existing infrastructures.

The VIP Power Distribution Unit delivers the functionality of TSL PPL’s rack mount PDU systems, but in a modular, custom-configurable, vertical format. The VIP mounts vertically to the mounting strip hardware on the back of a rack unit, so that only existing AC cables are required for each piece of gear. TSL PPL’s line of Power Manager Mains Distribution Units will join the VIP, providing flexible solutions for basic or intelligent power management, including Eco Power mapping.