TSL Products Launches Virtual Training Program

(Image credit: TSL Products)

MARLOW, U.K.—Consumers can now get detailed instructions on the use of TSL Products’ TallyMan Advanced Broadcast Control System, as the company has announced it will be offering a virtual training program available throughout the world.

The TallyMan platform is designed to bring complex systems under a single point of control while minimizing operational complexity, per TSL. Through the virtual, interactive training program, users will be taught the full capabilities of the system, as well as have the option for more targeted sessions aimed toward key sectors, including systems integrators. There is also a remote team-viewer session on how to configure the TallyMan system independently.

TSL Customer Support Engineer Ben Bate leads the sessions. The first lesson is an introduction of TallyMan and device interfaces, including routing control. Lesson two takes a deep dive into the TallyMan Virtual Panel and device control. In lesson three, customers will implement tally management and configuration of multiviewers and UMDs. The fourth and final lesson focuses on higher level functions like signal grouping and automated routing.

For more information, visit TSL Products’ website