Tri-Vision Using USVO MediaSentinel Watermarking

(January 27, 2004) Old Lyme, CT--USA Video Interactive has entered into an agreement with Tri-Vision Technologies International to market and distribute the USVO MediaSentinel watermarking technology. USVO’s technology, called MediaSentinel is a patent-pending core content protection technology for video watermarking. Video watermarking is a method of embedding information into video content that helps identify it so that instances of piracy can be traced after the fact. Watermarks may consist of information about ownership of the video, a date of transmission over the Internet, the unique IP address of the recipient, or a combination of such information. Because MediaSentinel watermarks are invisible to the human eye, the integrity and quality of video content is maintained.
"MediaSentinel is a perfect fit with our late stage v-chip licensing program from a marketing standpoint," said Tri-Vision president Toshinori Ikebe. "The robustness of MediaSentinel is exactly the solution to satisfy content providers without interfering with the customer’s enjoyment of high quality digital TV," he added.
Watermarking is also seen by many as being a logical follow-up to the Broadcast Flag recently mandated by FCC. While the Broadcast Flag asserts usage rules over broadcast content such as TV at the time of broadcast, the watermarking of video content complements content protection methods for live or stored video content, such as encryption, conditional-access and digital rights management systems; particularly if a pirate has devised a way to bypass those protections.