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Toshiba Rolls Out DLP with 1080p

Toshiba has rolled out 11 new DLP (digital light processing) projection TV models in its Cinema Series and TheaterWide lines with both 720p and 1080p resolution. The 720p sets will use Toshiba's Talen Light Engine. The 1080p models will use the same engine with Xtreme BLAC (black level aperture control), incorporating advanced design and technology to further enhance the home theater experience.

The TheaterWide line will include screen sizes ranging from 46- to 72-inch and offer three 720p models: 46HM95 (46-inch); 52HM95 (52-inch); and 62HM95 (62-inch). The three 1080p models include: 56HM195 (56-inch); 62HM195 (62-inch) and 72HM195 (72-inch). Through the use of its Xtreme BLAC, and judging from screen demos at NAB in April, the new 1080p sets offer stunning resolution and enhanced contrast that are usually noticeably superior to 720p presentations.
Toshiba's Cinema Series line of HD DLP projectors also includes 720p and 1080p models. Sizes range from 52-inch to 72-inch. This line will offer two 720p models: 52HMX95 (52-inch) and 62HMX95 (62-inch). Three 1080p models will feature: 56MX195 (56-inch); 62MX195 (62-inch); and 72MX195 (72-inch). The 52-inch and 62-inch 720p sets feature an all-black cabinet with a high-gloss black bezel. The new 1080p sets offer a new cosmetic design featuring bottom speakers designed to save space.