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TiVo Teams with Best Buy

ALVISO, CALIF.: TiVo is tossing in with Best Buy to sell its digital video recorders. The announcement comes after a recent court ruling allowing Dish Network to continue using digital video recording technology similar to TiVo’s. The satellite provider and TiVo have been locked in a years-long legal dispute over the technology. TiVo claims Dish is violating its DVR patents. The federal appeals court examining the issue gave Dish the OK to keep using the technology.

TiVo said Best Buy would “substantially increase the levels of marketing and merchandising of retail TiVo DVR devices, as well as other devices that may feature the TiVo user interface and platform in the future.” The two also plan to develop what TiVo called a “unique user interface for TiVo DVRs purchased at Best Buy,” one that essentially provides an interactive promotional platform for Best Buy.

The Best Buy blast included what could be interpreted as a swipe at Dish, albeit a wordy one: “Best Buy believes that TiVo’s ability to deliver millions of pieces of content not available through cable or satellite, while enabling consumers to find content spanning broadcast to broadband creates a user experience based on one box, one remote, one user interface, and one-stop shop content availability that renders the TV experience in a way that is both easy and intuitive for consumers.”

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-- Deborah D. McAdams