Timecode Systems Unveils :wave

WORCESTER, ENGLAND – Timecode Systems has announced :wave, a timecode and genlock generator designed to configure and sync timecode and metadata between cameras and sound on broadcast TV and movie sets.

As a master timecode clock, :wave transmits timecode and sync data over the 915MHz RF band to all connected devices. A data port connects to audio recorders and mixers to push or pull metadata from third-party units. Timecode Systems’ long-range wireless B:Link network relays all metadata and status information from all connected devices back to a single master unit, allowing the :wave’s integrated WiFi interface users to use the B:Link metadata and status information with a selection of applications.

Part of a new generation of Timecode system products, the :wave includes a solid metal case, OLED displays, B:Link network capability and greater connectivity to external equipment in smaller units.

Timecode Systems will demonstrate the :wave at the 2015 NAB show in Las Vegas.