Thomson Grass Valley unveil new brand

Thomson Grass Valley product roadmaps are now set. The company has introduced a new name: Grass Valley, a Thomson brand, several new products and major orders from a variety of companies.

Marc Valentin, vice president of the Thomson Grass Valley business, said the new business branding strategy underscores the long-term commitment of Thomson to the broadcast and TV/film production industries.

A formal launch of the new brand is planned for this fall.

New products

Thomson's new digital wireless camera system supports the LDK 100 and LDK 200 cameras. It enables camera operators to reliably capture close-up images and unique point-of-view (POV) shots at live sporting and entertainment events, as well as in the studio, without any triax cable or antenna receiver assistant.

The Thomson Grass Valley Kameleon media processing system integrates discrete video, audio, and data functions in a single, programmable module. The Gecko 8900 signal processing system offers a comprehensive range of discrete products for signal conversion, distribution, multiplexing, de-multiplexing, encoding, delay compensation, and synchronization. Users can deploy Gecko 8900 products discretely, or in the same frame with Kameleon multimedia modules to create a custom signal-processing system.

Company orders

The Hospital Group is just one of several companies who recently ordered a Thomson product. The Hospital Group, a new venture funded by Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen will incorporate a wide range of HD production equipment from Thomson Grass Valley, including camera, vision mixer, server and router technologies, for the most advanced production and recording facility in Europe for music, art, and film professionals.

For more information visit Thomson Grass Valley's new consolidated Web site,

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