The Weather Channel Adds Augmented Reality with Ncam

LONDON – Viewers can get a better look into the eye of a storm when they tune into The Weather Channel now as it has begun using live augmented reality presentations for weather presentations. Assisting in the presentation is the Ncam Live, a low latency real-time camera tracking system that allows the presenter and camera to have complete freedom of movement.

Integrating with the existing graphics programs for The Weather Channel, which includes Vizrt and The Weather Channel’s own professional division, WSI, the Ncam tracking system provides a stream of positional information without the need for special markers in the studio. As a result, the Ncam system keeps the graphics on a fixed location, allowing both the camera and presenter to have free range of movement.

The Weather Channel will use the Ncam system during “America’s Morning Headquarters,” which runs weekdays from 7 a.m. to 10 a.m.

Ncam Technologies develops virtual production technology for film, television and broadcast industries and is based in London.

Check out a video of The Weather Channel's graphics program and Ncam in action below.