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Texas Passes Television Recycling Bill

AUSTIN: A TV recycling bill passed by the Texas Legislature awaits the signature of Gov. Rick Perry. House Bill 821 requires TV set manufacturers to provide free recycling services to consumers, Recycling Today reports. The bill directs manufacturers of covered TV gear to pay an annual $2,500 registration fee by Jan. 31. The TV makers also have to, either individually or collectively, submit a collection, transportation and cycling plan for their equipment, and be ready to put the strategy into effect in 2010.

If passed, the law would require manufacturers to keep track of how many TV sets are collected to create a baseline for future recycling programs. Oregon put a similar program in place earlier this year. Texas passed a likewise law for recycling computers a couple of years ago.

Goodwill is said to be the depository of choice for dead and dying Texas TVs. The Houston Chroniclesaid Goodwill in Texas recycles around 30,000 pounds worth of dead TVs each month at a cost of around 25 cents a pound. Big Box electronics retailer Best Buy started taking back dead TVs 32 inches and smaller in February for $10 a pop, though recyclers get an equally priced store gift card for their trouble.

Texas, like many states, is concerned about a landfill inundation of old analog TV sets after then June 12 completion of the digital television transition. Cathode ray tube TVs contain between eight and 10 pounds of lead. -- Deborah D. McAdams