Televisa uses FOR-A

Mexico City-based television network Televisa used FOR-A equipment to bring coverage of the Summer Games to Televisa’s extensive audience. One of the largest programming networks in the world, Televisa relied on FOR-A’s FRC-8000 frame rate converters to transmit footage to its viewers in the United States and Mexico.

During the London Games, Televisa used the International Broadcast Center’s (IBC) on-site media complex and broadcaster hub to capture all of the events. Ten FRC-8000 HD/SD multiformat frame rate converters were used to convert footage from the European PAL standard to the U.S. and Mexico NTSC standard. The FRC-8000 frame converter includes up/down/crossconverter functions, motion compensation processing and automatic scene cut detection.

This isn’t the first time that Televisa has turned to FOR-A technology. The network has a long-standing history with the company and has used a variety of FOR-A production switchers, video processors and frame rate converters in the past. Televisa has often relied on FOR-A’s FA-9500 3G/HD/SD Multi Purpose Signal Processor, and is currently using FRC-8000 frame rate converters in two of its facilities.