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Telestream Upgrades Pipeline

Telestream has released a new version of its Pipeline video capture system to include the ability to frame accurately print HD or SD video back to tape.

Additional features for Version 2.4 of Pipeline include EDL import and time code-break-triggered capture mode. These new features save time and effort for content creators in both Mac OS X and PC video production environments.

“This release continues to extend the power of Pipeline beyond simple video capture,” said Barbara DeHart, VP of Marketing at Telestream. “Telestream understands the vital importance of quickly and efficiently moving video between tape and file-based workflows. Already useful for video ingest in live, post-production and archiving workflows, Pipeline 2.4 adds the important final link of playing content back out to tape.”

Pipeline hardware encoders can be accessed by anyone on the network, allowing users to bypass the hassle and limitations of video capture card solutions on dedicated workstations. Pipeline allows real-time, user selectable encoding to multiple SD and HD formats, including DV, IMX, MPEG-2 I-frame, ProRes 422 SD, plus DNxHD, ProRes 422 HQ and DVCPRO HD.

The addition of print-to-tape playout of HD or SD content in Pipeline 2.4 is especially useful for the creation of spot reels and review-and-approval tapes. Import of the common GVG4 EDL format in Pipeline 2.4 allows Mac and PC users to import an edit decision list from Final Cut Pro, Avid, and other editing systems into Pipeline. Already available for PC users, Version 2.4 adds time-code-break-triggered capture mode for Mac OS X users. This feature is particularly useful in the production of reality shows where vast quantities of content are captured onto videotape from multiple cameras. By using Pipeline in conjunction with Telestream’s FlipFactory transcoding software, low-resolution proxy files are created for edit decisions. Pipeline then creates only the required high-resolution clips needed for final production. This workflow saves users time and money by eliminating the need to import and store large quantities of unneeded high-resolution footage.

Pipeline 2.4 is now available as a free software update. For more information, visit