Telestream Unveils New Lightspeed Live Capture Functions

(Image credit: Telestream)

NEVADA CITY, Calif.—Telestream today announced new functionality for its Lightspeed Live Capture video server system.

The latest version of Lightspeed Live Capture offers new Live Schedule and Live Play functions to support the system’s existing Live Edit function. The new functions offer three new applications, including one for sub-clip editing, another for scheduling and a third for confidence monitoring, that complement Lightspeed Live Capture, integrated with Vantage, the company said. 

The new Live Schedule function is a unified schedule application for Lightspeed Live Capture. With its web-based UI, it automates recording of channels on a single standalone Live Capture service or any channel within multiple Live Capture servers in a multi-capture service domain, it said.

Live Play offers SDI SD/HD playback for Live Capture. This can serve as a confidence monitor that plays back individual files, multi-file playlists or from a growing file created by a Live Capture server, it said.

Live Edit is a sub-clipping option that works with growing files while an event is in progress to lower production costs for live event catch-up, highlights preparation or any sub-clipping workflow with a short turnaround time, it said.

The new video capture software makes finished content available within seconds regardless of where in the world an event takes place, the company said.

Lightspeed Live Capture is different from other content capture systems due to its tight integration with Vantage. Editors can begin to work on growing files just a few seconds behind live, while Vantage is creating other media files for archival and proxy viewing, it said.

“It’s no accident that this summer’s Tokyo Games will see one of America’s leading broadcasters employing Lightspeed Live Capture at the heart of its live broadcast workflows, just as it was at the FIFA World Cup Finals in Russia and France,” said Scott Matics, senior director of product management at Telestream. 

“We have developed a very capable live video capture platform, which when integrated alongside Vantage, puts wind under the wings of creative broadcast operations staff,” he said.

More information is available on the company’s website

Phil Kurz

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