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Telestream Releases ScreenFlow 3.0 Screencasting Software

Telestream, a provider of digital media tools and workflow solutions, announced a major release for its award-winning ScreenFlow screencasting software for the Mac. ScreenFlow 3.0 adds Mac OS X Lion features plus numerous creativity tools, including freehand callouts and video annotations, which allow users to emphasize and embellish portions of their screencasts. Extensive new timeline features combine with audio and export improvements to make it even easier to create professional-looking screen recordings for the Web.

Creatively highlight screen details: New freehand callouts allow users to draw directly on a screen recording to highlight specific regions of the screen using a paintbrush tool. The ability to create a box that blurs sensitive onscreen information is also now available. New video annotations allow users to emphasize details of their screen recordings by drawing circles, squares, lines and arrows over the video content. Users can also adjust the annotation’s size, color, position, shadows and thickness, as well as add movement and transitions.

Greater efficiency and control: Improved timeline features enable greater efficiency and give users more control over the editing process. Timeline enhancements include the ability to easily reorder, resize, and remove tracks, as well as add space and close gaps in tracks, which saves time and steps. The ability to group and ungroup clips makes is easier to organize media for larger, more complex projects.
Audio improvements in ScreenFlow 3 allow users to instantly see the effects of volume changes in the timeline, remove background noise, and maintain smoother volume levels throughout their videos.

Export improvements include a new iPad preset and the ability to publish video directly to Vimeo from the ScreenFlow screencasting interface. Users can now customize and manage their own export presets, making it easier to save and retrieve their favorite settings. The ability to see the duration of exports is another new workflow efficiency feature which gives users visibility of exports in progress.

ScreenFlow 3.0 continues to take advantage of the latest Apple technology, including Mac OS X Lion compatibility and key new Lion capabilities. Support for Automatic Save means that once a file is named, users never need to save it again. This provides crash protection and version control, allowing users to retrieve and restore multiple earlier versions of their work. Overlay scroll bars are now available in ScreenFlow plus full screen viewing for editing or playback.

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