Telestream builds HD instant replay system for NASCAR

Telestream has created a HD instant replay system for NASCAR race control officials. Developed for the start of the 2012 racing season, Telestream's new Replay multichannel video player combines with its Pipeline HD video capture system to provide instant capture and display of 18 HD (720p) camera feeds. This allows race officials to instantly see detailed information and make rapid decisions about on-track aspects of the race.

The Pipeline HD video capture system simultaneously acquires multiple camera feeds in the Apple ProRes 720p format as well as other HD and SD formats. Video feeds are delivered to shared storage, where they are available for immediate playback, editing during capture or transcoding to other file formats.

Telestream's Replay provides instant, synchronous multichannel playback of multiple HD camera feeds for simultaneous review and analysis of incidents from different camera angles. The player also allows officials to easily locate any camera and scrub forward or backward through any portion of the event video.