Telegent Cagey on Making ATSC Chips

SUNNYVALE, CALIF.: Mobile TV chip maker Telegent filed for a $250 million IPO in the United States, but it has yet to announce support for the digital fixed or mobile broadcasting standards here. Telegent does not yet make ATSC M/H-compatible chips, and a spokeswoman for the company declined to say whether it planned to.

“I would love to be able to address your question directly,” Diana Jovin told TVB. “However, we have a policy that we do not discuss specific standards and timeframes until products are available.” She did not answer follow up questions about whether ATSC or ATSC M/H products were currently in production.

Telegent filed for its IPO last week, with plans to trade on the NASDAQ under the symbol, “TLG.” Telegent reported a $39 million profit on revenues of $111 million for the six months ending Sept. 30. The company raised $50 million in venture cap funding since 2000, according to PEHub.

Telegent specializes in analog TV reception chips for mobile devices such as laptops, netbooks and cell phones. Its legacy line supports formats PAL, SECAM and NTSC, but a hybrid chip including DVB-T is in production. Telegent follows Max Linear, another TV-reception chip maker, which filed for a $100 million IPO earlier in the month.

A thorough grokking of the TV-reception chip market, including power consumption, international standards, demand and competition is available at Rethink Research.