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Telecast Fiber Systems unveils DiamondBack 4 x 4 video transport

Telecast Fiber Systems has announced the DiamondBack 4 x 4, an addition to the company’s DiamondBack II broadcast-quality NTSC/PAL video multiplexer line. The new unit can handle four bidirectional NTSC/PAL channels, plus private, dedicated 10/100 Ethernet connectivity and support of the company’s Adder line of audio, intercom and data multiplexers.

Packaged in 1RU, the DiamondBack 4 x 4 is a lightweight, compact, portable multiplexer that allows the transport of video, audio, data and intercom channels on a single optical fiber. It is primarily intended for handling broadcast announce-booth feeds, courtesy and utility video, monitoring and surveillance feeds, and corporate and educational video distribution applications.

With bidirectional transport comes the ability to provide a 10/100Mb/s Ethernet connection, which is increasingly important as networks expand their use of IP infrastructures for live scoring, as in golf or racing, or for streaming broadcasts. Support for the coaxial input and output that is a part of every Telecast Adder audio multiplexing system further reduces the amount of fiber required for a broadcast and makes the DiamondBack 4 x 4 a complete trunk link for all signals.

The system features an optional integrated optical switch that provides for full optical redundancy. Dual DC power inputs allow for electrical redundancy. Each TX video input has a loop output, and each RX video has dual outputs, minimizing the need for additional video DAs. A front-panel display indicates the received optical power. All video sources can be monitored from a convenient front-panel BNC.

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