Telecast Fiber Gear Facilitates Newseum Connectivity

The Newseum, which opened its doors officially at its new downtown Washington, D.C., facility in April, is using Telecast Fiber Systems equipment in several signal distribution roles throughout the operation’s 250,000 square-foot building.

Viper portable gear from Telecast is available for transmitting audio and video from any of the Newseum’s 50 drop points, while other Telecast Fiber products facilitate moving content to visitor-accessible devices throughout the facility.

The Newseum has five Viper packages ready for deployment wherever they are needed, including for an occasional broadcast of ABC’s “This Week” from a sixth-floor terrace location.

“With the Vipers, we’re able to plug in and connect virtually anywhere in the building with any type of camera, monitor, or signal—and we’re able to project to high-resolution equipment such as large-format LED screens without losing any signal quality,” said Bud O’Connor, the Newseum’s engineering director. “With five Viper mussel shell units, we have the option of transmitting five separate remote shots simultaneously, and we can use them for our own broadcasts or pass them along to other broadcasters.”

Along with the Vipers, the Newseum is also using Telecast’s SHED and HDX equipment to provide power to its high-definition cameras via single-mode fiber.