TecNec Distributing offers new range of Ocean Matrix gear

TecNec Distributing has announced the availability of six new Ocean Matrix products including switchers, distribution amplifiers, a signal converter and audio router.

The Ocean Matrix OMX-SW8X8 is an 8x8 vertical interval matrix switcher for composite video and stereo audio signals. The unit has a video bandwidth of 200MHz and audio breakaway allows for independent AV switching.

Ocean Matrix's OMX-DA10XL is an AV distribution amplifier featuring looping video and audio stereo inputs, splitting each to 10 outputs. A front-panel switch offers the choice of unbalanced stereo or balanced mono, and trimmers on the panel face allow for adjustment of the output AV levels, as well as video cable equalization. Groups of five outputs may be individually trimmed for level and cable EQ to achieve different compensations for different cable lengths.

The Ocean Matrix OMX-DA42 4x1 vertical interval switcher combines the functions of a composite video switcher and distribution amplifier — each of the four inputs also operates as a 1x2 distribution amplifier. In addition to the four sets of 1x2 inputs, inputs may be linked in any combination to create a 1x8 DA, a dual 1x4 DA or any other combination. The OMX-DA42 is housed in a desktop-sized enclosure, but it also can be mounted in a19in rack.

The OMX-RGB2YUV is a multiple-standard converter that converts RGB video to component video, which in turn enables RGB video to be displayed on plasma monitors and other display devices equipped with component video inputs. Different sync variants on the RGB inputs are supported, the unit recognizes any sync polarity and it is compatible with both video-level (0.3V) and TTL-level syncs. The OMX-RGB2YUV can transcode any RGB video to component format and can operate with any video resolution.

The new Ocean Matrix eight-port FireWire switcher (OMX-8FWS) is a mechanical port switcher designed for applications requiring a compact desktop unit for routing FireWire signals, such as digital video and data, between any two of eight sources. Users can activate a link between any pair of machines, switching inputs including high-speed signals up to 400MB/s. The unit switches over power as well, enabling the powering of one FireWire device by another device connected to the switcher. An unpowered design is also available.

More information about Ocean Matrix products is available at www.tecnec.com.