Tech Emmys Awarded

The National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences handed out the Scientific and Technological Emmys at a ceremony in New York recently.

The recipients included:

* CBS, for development and standardization of the alignment color bar test signal for television picture monitors;
* CF Inflight LLP and Garrett Brown, for developing remote-controlled, cable-suspended moving camera-platform technology;
* Fujitsu, for development of plasma displays;
* Motorola's Broadband Communications Sector and Thomson multimedia, for the development of consumer digital set-top boxes for satellite and cable;
* Panasonic, for developing a practical variable frame rate camera system that enables under- and over-"cranking;"
* Proximity Corp., for development of software for managing graphical assets for broadcast;
* Thomson and Philips for the development and commercialization of the 16:9 aspect ratio standard.