TAOS Turns 'Green' for HD ALS Sensors

TAOS (Texas Advanced Optoelectronic Solutions) of Plano, Texas, said that it is continuing to achieve breakthroughs in ongoing works on ambient light sensing technology. ALS sensors are incorporated in a growing number of flat-panel LCD and plasma HD units to help provide improvements in picture quality. TAOS said that these sensors also simultaneously help conserve energy output by reducing power consumption.

The company reported that it is currently working with fellow members of the LCD TV Association, (a non-profit trade group organized to promote LCD technology) to encourage increased ALS sensor use in HD units, and to encourage HD manufacturers to participate in the association's "Green TV" logo program. (The sensors are also used in a range of other CE products such as PCs, laptops and smart-phones.)

TAOS has prepared a white paper for consumers that provides an overview of the HD industry and which advocates changes that are driving the need for increased energy conservation. The paper also describes existing technologies that can be deployed for making things greener (such as automatic brightness control).

The TAOS white paper, "Turning HDTVs Green," is available for downloading at taosinc.com.