Sysmedia secures Middle East sale to Viva Entertainment

Mediacast, Sysmedia’s new reseller for the United Arab Emirates, has secured the first sale of SysMedia’s WinCAPS offline subtitle preparation software to Viva Entertainment, a home entertainment content distributor.

The particular challenge for the video localization facility in the region is to turn the work around as quickly as possible, making a translation available so the editor can make appropriate cuts and create subtitles for both international and local edits without extensive reworking.

WinCAPS is a complete subtitling package for all recorded programs, covering subtitling for language translation as well as for the deaf and hard-of-hearing. Subtitles can be created quickly and easily in any language and delivered as broadcast open captions, DVD images or teletext/DVB closed subtitles.

WinCAPS allows subtitlers to begin work immediately (using the original video edit) and then export the completed (international) subtitles to Final Cut Pro where they apply the changes required for the local edit within Final Cut Pro (thereby removing any subtitles associated with deleted scenes for instance).

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