Syscan Imaging Displays Nano LCoS HD

Syscan Imaging, a developer of USB-powered portable image scanners and HD technology through its Sysview Technology group, is introducing a 1080p nano-LCoS microdisplay imager. The tiny 0.7-inch nanodisplay delivers 1080p x 1920 resolution, providing what Syscan says is 2 million pixel images at a lower cost per pixel than competing technology.

The firm said in a statement its new product consists of an innovative carbon nanotube (CNT) design and high yield manufacturing process. Syscan said the nano microdisplay has built-in upgradeability to achieve greater resolutions in the future.

The nano-LCoS imager is the first product introduced since the Sysview Technology group's acquisition of LCoS chip designer Nanodisplay Inc., last November.