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Synamedia Buys Just-In-Time Cloud-Based Streaming Video Processing Provider Quortex

Marc Baillavoine, CEO and founder of Quortex
Marc Baillavoine, CEO and founder of Quortex. (Image credit: Synamedia)

LONDON—Synamedia today announced the acquisition of Quortex, a privately held company offering a cloud video delivery platform optimized for just-in-time live video processing. Financial details of the acquisition were not available. 

“By pioneering just-in-time video streaming processing and delivery, Quortex has broken new ground with live services that dynamically spring to life when processing a user request. This radical change in the economics of cloud processing will accelerate the migration of live video services to the cloud,” said Julien Signes, executive vice president and general manager at Synamedia.

The move positions Synamedia to enhance its cloud video network capabilities by complementing its VIVID Workflow-as-a-Service (WaaS) offering with OTT content processing, disaster recovery, long-tail content processing and live events, it said.

Quortex uses a pay-as-you-go-stream model. Its technology makes available the precise resources needed at any given time when processing video for streaming. The approach shortens time to market and offers cost advantages to user, Synamedia said.

For example, when used for long-tail content, the technology can reduce cloud costs up to 67%, it said.

Quortex’ multi-tenant SaaS technology builds video streams on-the-fly based on the requirements of end users and matched to viewers’ locations, devices and time zones. It adapts to unpredictable network, infrastructure and audiences and automatically scales cloud resources up and down, leveraging spot instances that take advantage of spare cloud capacity at a fraction of the typical cost while maintaining quality of experience, it said. 

The company, a founding member of the Greening of Streaming organization, which is dedicated to sharing best practices on maximizing efficiency, is well-positioned to contribute to Synamedia’s efforts to assist its customers in meeting CO2 reduction commitments, it said.

“With our breakthrough just-in-time approach, we have turned the live streaming model on its head, ditching the need to wastefully provision streaming resources just-in-case,” said Marc Baillavoine, CEO and founder of Quortex.

“We believe that with Synamedia’s global reach and complementary product lines, we can accelerate our mission to transform the agility and cost of streaming and slash its carbon footprint.”

More information is available on the Synamedia website (opens in new tab).

Phil Kurz is a contributing editor to TV Tech. He has written about TV and video technology for more than 30 years and served as editor of three leading industry magazines. He earned a Bachelor of Journalism and a Master’s Degree in Journalism from the University of Missouri-Columbia School of Journalism.