Symetrix releases SymNet Designer 8.0

Symetrix has released SymNet Designer 8.0. This upgrade packs 50 powerful features into the advanced audio DSP control software. Designed for delivering and processing sound in virtually any commercial application, including convention centers, airports, nightclubs, shopping malls, corporate boardrooms, classrooms and worship environments, this CAD-style drag-and-drop Windows application configures Symetrix's line of SymNet networked audio devices, including the expansive line of Adaptive Remote Control wall panels. The SymNet Designer software/hardware solution provides a flexible open architecture, allowing system designers to define the entire audio signal path including DSP treatments and user control features with SymNet Designer's wiring method.

SymNet Designer 8.0 software boasts more than 350 DSP modules, including mixers, matrixes, equalizers, filters, compressors/limiters, automatic gain control, sound pressure level computers, auto mixers, room combiners, feedback fighters, control logic and more. Highlighting the enhanced software is the new sleek and modern "enhanced theme" look, selectable for all modules. Microsoft Windows Vista compatibility, context sensitive help and up to 10X faster operation make the application easy to learn and use. A new Xantech output control module allows easy interfacing of Xantech touch-screen controllers, while controller linking improves remote control feedback and usability. Improved control screen fader and knob sizing allows space conservation and additional options for customizing objects on control screens, improving layout flexibility. SymNet Express devices now take advantage of dual mono modules, reducing DSP overhead and allowing twice as many modules. The new objects locking option has been added to protect key design features from being changed or deleted.

Symetrix is offering SymNet Designer 8.0 as a free download, as an upgrade to previous versions and for consultants and designers who wish to preview the power of the SymNet solution.

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