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SWR chooses RTW SurroundControl for HD mobile truck

German broadcaster SWR has purchased the RTW SurroundControl 31900SD surround monitoring controller for its new FU2HD mobile truck.

The mobile unit, primarily used for sports production, normally handles 12 cameras and is expandable to 16. It is equipped with an Avid Unity MediaNetwork, three EVS systems for a total of 12 channels, a Lawo Mc266 digital console and Pro Tools system with D-Command console. With 270 IP addresses in use, the truck’s 17 workstations have access to 24 CPUs via CATCenter units.

SurroundControl combines analysis functions with monitoring control, practical routing tasks and a host of analog and digital interfaces. It serves as a key component of a backup system, which provides an alternative signal flow in case a mixing desk or router fails.

SurroundControl covers the complete signal flow from source to destination. Users can create a backup mix with up to 48 source channels with the mobile unit’s Pro Tools system and the D-Command controller, thus bypassing the main console.

By pressing an emergency switch, SurroundControl immediately takes over audio monitoring control of the unit’s Lawo audio console. The integrated audio analyzer allows for efficient processing of surround material up to and including the 7.1 format.