Sundance Digital adds redundancy with DNF Controls RS422 switch

In order to add system redundancy to its Titan and FastBreak NXT broadcast automation systems, Sundance Digital is now offering an A/B RS422 switch from DNF Controls as a standard feature. Sundance Digital is a division of Avid Technology.

Clients who elect to include the SW2x1 component switch in their automation systems ensure reliability for maintaining control over video servers, switchers, routers, branding devices, character generators and logo insertion systems.

The SW2x1 integrates directly with the SIDON (Sundance Integrated Device Operating Network) component in the Titan and FastBreak system architectures. Each SW2x1 provides two RS422 inputs and one RS422 output that allow users to switch from on-air automation system to backup control system quickly and easily at the press of a button or a GPI trigger. The product is fully scalable, allowing Sundance Digital to customize its redundancy option to suit the needs of each Titan and FastBreak client.

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