Streaming21 launches Media Relay Server 2.5

Streaming21 has launched Media Relay Server Version 2.5, which supports the next-generation IPv6 protocol stack in addition to existing IPv4 networks concurrently.

The latest server release also delivers reliable, high-quality broadcast content to smart devices, including Google Android-based phones, tablets and TV in addition to the Apple iPhone and iPad.

Media Relay Server 2.5 provides a full suite of functionality for broadcasting reliable live TV channels and live events to TVs and connected mobile devices over the public Internet with broadcast-quality video in both SD and HD.

The latest release includes

  • global delivery to any device for live TV via the public broadband network;
  • simulated multicast delivery to deliver broadcast content to thousands of viewers concurrently from a single server;
  • support for IPv4 and IPv6 concurrently;
  • firewall penetration and QoS flow control with new protocol support of RTSP/RTP/TCP to ensure penetration of client side firewall in addition to existing RTSP/RTP/UDP and HTTP support; and
  • dual server cluster with easy service expansion.