Storage conference takes place at NAB Show

Digital content storage is the subject of the new Creative Storage Conference at NAB. To be held on Tuesday, April 15, the conference will feature Chris Hinton, senior director of technology at CNN as a keynote speaker. The conference will address digital storage and storage applications for the capture, editing, creation and distribution of entertainment and user generated content.

“Digital storage technology is critical in managing all aspects of content creation and distribution,” said Tom Coughlin, conference organizer and publisher of the annual Digital Storage in Entertainment Creation and Distribution Report. “Higher resolution in theatres, home entertainment and mobile devices is driving enormous growth in demand for digital storage and capacity requirements,” he said.

The Creative Storage Conference will comprise five sessions: “Storage in Content Capture and Creation” will explore the changing role of storage for content capture for professional applications including cameras and field editing equipment. The session will also include discussions of digital storage in animation and special effects.

“Storage for Professional Content Editing and Post-Production” will look at direct attached, networked storage as well as grid and other advanced storage architectures to support nonlinear editing and post production. “Content Delivery and Archiving Digital Storage” will focus on the evolving requirements of traditional and non-traditional content delivery markets to include video on demand and cable, satellite and network distribution. The session will also address opportunities in video and content downloading as well as social networking and digital storage for content archiving.

“New Roles and Models for Physical Distribution” will examine requirements and opportunities for new physical media distribution models and how they tie into working business models. Topics will include Flash, hard disk drives and higher capacity optical discs in addition to new kiosk models for getting content for static home and mobile devices. Finally, the “Entertainment and Media Users Session” will feature notable end users of digital storage from the entertainment and media industry discussing their uses and issues with digital storage. Speakers will include: Michael Koetter, CNN; Lance Ware, Thomson; Kurt Grubaugh, Microsoft Studios; and Sam Nicholson, Stargate Films.