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Stantron spotlights range of equipment racks at SATCON 2008

At the SATCON conference this week Stantron will show its range of equipment racks and accessories for broadcast, cable and satellite facilities. The company’s portfolio of durable racks and cabling, power and other accessories provide systems integrators and engineers with complete, customizable solutions.

The Stantron GHR rack is making its debut, providing a compact, sturdy enclosure that fits into existing infrastructures. The GHR rack gives integrators new options when replacing or adding racks in technical facilities where space is at a premium. Similar in design to Stantron’s Broadcast E-Rack, the GHR matches up with other manufacturers’ racks and provides a hole pattern that allows direct baying to other racks in existing facilities.

Stantron will also showcase its Broadcast E-Rack family, a series of customizable racks available in a variety of heights and depths. The Broadcast E-Rack is ideal for managing and dressing cables efficiently. An open frame design allows for straight cable runs from top-to-bottom without kinks or bends to maintain optimal signal quality. Professional cable management is enabled through a series of horizontal mounting bars, vertical lacing rails, and optional T-Hook lacing panels that eliminate tedious threading of tie straps through small lacing holes. The Stantron Broadcast E-Rack also features a variety of sturdy cantilevered shelves, clamp shelves, and drawers for housing and protecting mission-critical equipment.

Also on display, the company’s Lacing Options — PowerOptions, Lighting Options and Cooling Options —help manage, protect and secure equipment while making it easy to use and maintain a professional appearance.

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