St. Louis Cardinals Field HD Video Boards With GV Gear

MONTREAL—America’s past time gets a boost in St. Louis courtesy of the Montreal-based Grass Valley, as the company announced it recently supplied the St. Louis Cardinals with new production equipment. The franchise acquired a switcher, routers and HD cameras to help support the operation and content delivery of 11 new HD LED video boards at Busch Stadium.

Grass Valley supplied the Cardinals five LDX 80 Première switchable 1080i/720p HD cameras, and a Karrera K-Frame S-series 3 M/E video production center switcher with a 4 M/E-capable frame for multiformat support for HD, 3G and 4K, and Double Take feature to double the number of panel M/Es and provide simultaneous feeds. The stadium also added GV’s NV8280 Hybrid router with NV9000 router control; 10 Kaleido-Modular-X multiviewers with split input/output; M3 integration cable; and frames for modules to provide simultaneous processing of 3G, HD, SD and analog video, as well as AES and analog audio.

The Grass Valley systems and new scoreboards were installed in time for the Cardinals’ April 11 season opener.