Spanish broadcast service provider relies on Newtec DVB-S2 modulators

To make efficient use of limited satellite bandwidth for World Cup coverage, Overon turned to Newtec Azimuth modulators.
Newtec Azimuth DVB-S2 modulators helped Overon make efficient use of satellite spectrum to satisfy demand for more feeds of World Cup coverage.

Spanish broadcast service provider Overon relied on Newtec Azimuth modulators to make efficient use of the allocated bandwidth and satisfy customer demand to provide more TV feeds during the final stages of the World Cup.

For its World Cup coverage, Overon deployed 15 DSNG and flyaway stations in South Africa and two fixed, fully redundant C-band stations located at the international broadcast center in Johannesburg.

Overon installed new Azimuth DVB-S2 modulators and DVB-S-to-DVB-S2 upgrades for some of its existing modulators. Both the permanent feeds from the international broadcast center and the occasional feeds from the mobile stations were transmitted in DVB-S2 to make optimum use of the limited capacity available during the tournament, and at the same time to meet the growing demand for HD and 3-D transmissions. At least 95 percent of the TV feeds were operating in HD.