South Carolina Gamecocks Recruit Archion EditStor

Handles game footage for university’s 21 sports programs
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LOS ANGELES—A key member of the University of South Carolina (USC) Gamecock Productions hails from Archion, as the company's EditStor system has been tapped to handle post production demands for all video content captured live across the university’s 21 different sports programs.

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Gamecock Productions first started using the EditStor system in 2012, and then updated the system to hold up to 96 terabytes of information in 2015. Currently, it is connected to 11 workstations that record live games and other programs. The EditStor system is connected to a Telestream pipeline and then to a CatDV logging system.

In addition to game footage, 30-minute studio shows are also produced by Gamecock Productions and require being stored with the EditStor system.