Soundog Brings TV Audio Tableside

During a raucous Super Bowl party, it can be heard to hear the game audio from across the living room. Imagine how hard it is to hear commentary in a packed sports bar.

Sprox is bringing TV audio tableside in bars and restaurants with the Soundog Audio System.

The 4-inch Soundog box lets customers interact with the TV wirelessly via digital pushbuttons and an on/off volume control. Tableside audio is provided by a lightweight neodymium speaker, and Soundog works with any SD or HD cable or satellite receiver, including DirecTV.

According to the company, more than 16,000 Soundog boxes are in bars and restaurants across North America, including major chains such as Applebee's, Buffalo Wild Wings and Hooter’s. Sprox aims to sell 10,000 more Soundog units over the next year.