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SoundField supplies Minnetonka Audio with upmix plug-in

Minnetonka Audio Software and SoundField have reached an agreement whereby Minnetonka will distribute SoundField's stereo-to-5.1 upmixing technology as part of Minnetonka's AudioTools Server family of products. SoundField’s choice of Minnetonka Audio as a development partner further strengthens Audio Tools Server’s (ATS) position as the default audio processing and control platform for broadcast workflows.

Minnetonka’s AudioTools Server is a software framework for adding audio-related processing, quality control and management functions to file-based workflows within existing asset production systems, while SoundField’s UPM-1 plug-in converts stereo content to 5.1 surround while retaining stereo and mono fold-down compatibility.

The need for multichannel conversion of both new and archival stereo content has progressively increased as virtually all delivery channels move toward surround. Designed to seamlessly integrate into today’s multichannel, file-based post-production workflows, the UPM-1 is the first upmixing plug-in to be bundled with ATS, adding to ATS’ extensive collection of standard options, such as loudness measurement and control, watermarking, file/format validation, compliance and QC, conditional branching, encoding/decoding, channel multiplexing/demultiplexing and transcoding.

“We are delighted that SoundField has chosen AudioTools Server to further extend their reach into post-production and broadcast, and we're excited to be a part of their ecosystem,” said John Schur, Minnetonka Audio president. “The UPM-1’s ability to faithfully maintain downward compatibility, coupled with our extensive experience with plug-in partners and automated workflows, will result in more quality options for increasingly harried post houses.”

“Minnetonka is a company that broadcasters are increasingly turning to for more effective management of their file-based workflows,” said Pieter Schillebeeckx, Chief Designer at SoundField. “Major broadcasters in Europe are already using the UPM-1 for stereo-to-5.1 upmixing, but making it part of Minnetonka's supplied suite of post-production tools makes our technology available to even more movers and shakers in the broadcast world. So both companies benefit considerably from this sales agreement.”

The UPM-1 plug-in option for AudioTools Server will be available from select resellers or direct from Minnetonka Audio Software.