Sound Devices announces free upgrade to 7-Series recorders

Sound Devices has announced the immediate availability of a major software upgrade to the company's range of 7-Series portable digital audio recorders. The new version 2.0 software adds powerful new functions to the 7-Series recorders, including real-time recording to external FireWire storage drives; programming and control of the CL-1 Remote Control and Keyboard Interface; faster FireWire transfer speeds; and numerous file management and metadata additions. Once implemented, users will be able to hand off a low-cost optical disc to post production and still have two more copies to work with.

Available to all owners of 7-Series recorders via free download, the 2.0 release is especially notable for enabling simultaneous audio recording to all available destinations. Thus, 702 and 702T recorders can record to Compact Flash and external FireWire drives; 722 and 744T recorders can record to Compact Flash, internal hard drive and external FireWire drives. Either hard drive or DVD-RAM in FAT32 format can be used as external storage volumes. As a result, users of 722 and 744T models will have triple redundancy in mission-critical applications. Recorders also gain the ability to play back from any of the recording destinations, a capability not found in other portable digital recorders.

In addition, the new software supports Sound Devices’ new CL-1 keyboard interface, enabling the user to control the 7-Series transport and user menu via switch closures. Additionally, by plugging in a PS/2 keyboard, file and folder names can be edited and all front-panel controls and menu options can be accessed and shortcuts can be assigned. Version 2.0 firmware also adds flexibility to broadcast WAV files by supporting iXML, the metadata language gaining popularity with post-production software, including ProTools 7.2.

New 7-Series digital recorders are already shipping with the new software. Existing 7-Series customers without 2.0-ready hardware may require a no-charge hardware update to enable external recording. All registered 7-Series users will receive notification regarding the upgrade process.

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