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Sony unveils new version of DCDS software

Sony is introducing its version 2.1 DCDS software. It offers improved tools such as fully automated content scheduling and improved management, targeting, and tracking of all types of digital content.

Version 2.1 offers enhanced scheduling and management through the Enterprise Scheduler function, which supports manual, template-based and fully automated targeted scheduling of content. Used in conjunction with the DCDS Asset Manager database application, the Enterprise Scheduler can create targeted playlists for an entire nationwide digital signage network without operator intervention.

The Enterprise Scheduler function supports manual, template-based and fully automated scheduling of content for enterprise-level digital signage systems, and the automated scheduling is done through an industry standard rules-based scheduling engine. The Asset Manager provides a database for tracking content assets from tapes, DVDs, CD-ROMs, graphics and AVI video files and ingesting them to playable MPEG content. The content can be transferred through satellite or terrestrial networks to IP-addressable Sony NSP-100 digital network players, which store and play the content in each of the specific destinations.

Additional features enabled by the version 2.1 Asset Management software include remote Web-based access to the system, digital rights management and metadata to facilitate direction of the content to achieve automated scheduling.

DCDS has a multi-tier architecture that supports content management and delivery for enterprise scale digital signage and related media display systems to thousands of sites with multiple playout devices (or channels) per site. Content is selected and targeted to specific sites and displays based on geographic, demographic, and organizational metadata.

Sony's DCDS version 2.1 software is available now.

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