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Sony to show XDCAM HD field recorder

At NAB Sony will exhibit a new high-definition field ENG recorder for its XDCAM HD422 optical disc system that complements the company’s 4:2:2, 2/3in optical camcorder while also supporting legacy SD formats like MPEG IMX, DVCAM and 4:2:0 HD 24P content.

Supporting all types of fast file-based operations, the new PDW-HR1 field recorder streamlines workflows for such applications as pool feeds, documentaries and reality programming. It’s also compact enough to fit in a car or helicopter and offers 4:2:2 HD image quality for TV or motion picture production.

The recorder features a built-in up/downconverter for multiformat HD recording flexibility, as well as HD/SD conversion and crossconversion during playback between 1080i and 720P. It has 24P (23.98) record/playback capability for 4:2:2 HD content as a standard feature. IT can also be used in an HDCAM SR production workflow, recording content acquired by Sony CineAlta cameras.

A variety of video and audio interfaces include connectivity for HD-SDI in/out, HDMI out, SD-SDI in/out, composite in/out Gigabit Ethernet, RS-422A control and optional i.LINK TS in/out and DVB-ASI out.

The PDW-HR1’s user interface includes a jog/shuttle wheel, with control either through the front panel or a remote control unit. A 9in (diagonally) color LCD display and built-in speakers are also incorporated, and the unit can be battery-operated or used with AC and DC power sources. Other features include scene selection for EDL-based clip editing and trigger REC on SDI signals.

Users can record HD content to dual-layer 50GB optical Professional Disc media, gaining HD record times of approximately 95 minutes at 50Mb/s, 150 minutes at 35Mb/s, and 200 minutes at 25Mb/s. It can also handle content on PFD-23A single layer discs.