Sony Launches "XDCAM Open House" Tour

Park Ridge, NJ--Sony Electronics’ "XDCAM Open House" is giving broadcast and production professionals a closer look at the benefits of its XDCAM Professional Disc system. Throughout the summer of 2004, Sony representatives in 31 cities will host full-day sessions under the theme "Redefining Your Workflow," which include educational seminars and hands-on demonstrations of the XDCAM system’s full range of capabilities.
"The XDCAM system can re-engineer and streamline a workflow in a way previously unimaginable," said Theresa Alesso, general manager of optical and network systems for Sony Electronics’ Broadcast and Production Systems Division. "Much more than just a new recording format, this is a whole new way of working. The best way to understand this concept is to see the technology first-hand, and that’s exactly what this Open House tour is all about."
The XDCAM family includes the PDW-510 DVCAM and the PDW-530 MPEG IMX/DVCAM optical disc camcorders, the PDW-1500 optical disc compact deck, and the PDW-V1 optical disc mobile deck. The system uses blue-laser based Professional Disc optical media, which can store 23.3GB of content on one disc.
More information about the Open House dates can be found online at www.