Sony Cameras Cover Super Bowl XLV

Sony has announced that Game Creek Video will be using 36 Sony cameras in connection with Fox Sports's HD coverage of the Super Bowl at Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, Texas.

“This is the most watched television event in the world and each game becomes part of sports history, so the camera systems need to be up to the challenge of capturing everything perfectly,” said Pat Sullivan, Game Creek’s president. “We just used these cameras two weeks ago in single-digit weather [for the NFC Championship Game] and they performed great. Our track record of success with these HD cameras and their spectacular image quality are a big part of why we’re confident that they will help bring viewers at home one of the best and most immersive high-definition championship game broadcasts they’ve ever seen.”

Game Creek plans to deploy 32 Sony HDC-1500 multiformat cameras along with four HDC-3300 3x slow-motion cameras. A total of eight mobile production vehicles will be involved in the game and pre-game activity coverage.