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Sony Boosts 3DTV Quality With Faster Crystals

TOKYO and TAIWAN: Sony recently unveiled technology that will result in visually improved and longer-lived displays. Its new hybrid field-induced photo-reactive alignment technology is said to speed the response times of liquid crystal displays to less than 3 milliseconds. Response time refers to how long it takes a pixel to go from gray to white to gray. The average is around 4 milliseconds, the Practical Home Theater Guide says, though some sets are said to go as low as 2 milliseconds.

Hybrid FPA is expected to enhance the picture quality of 3D video and improve the overall stability of LCDs. Information Week has more details.

In separate news, Sony expects that 40 percent of the LCD TVs it ships in 2012 to be 3D-capable, the company’s Taiwan chief told DigiTimes. For fiscal 2010, ending next March, 10 percent of the 25 million LCD sets Sony ships in the period are projected to be 3DTVs.

Sony started offering 3D Bravia HDTV sets in the United States during the summer. On the content side, the company is a partner with Discovery and IMAX on a 3D network expected to launch next year.

Total 3DTV shipments in the U.S. reached 655,000 through September, according to the Consumer Electronics Association.
-- Deborah D. McAdams