Sonnet Technologies drops price of Fusion F2 portable storage

Sonnet Technologies said May 16 it was lowering the price of its Fusion F2 portable RAID storage system.

Fusion F2, which offers speed, reliability and 640GB capacity in a 5.9in by 6.2in by 0.72in rugged design, is now available for $695. Fusion F2 features two 320GB/5400 RPM 2.5-inch drives, mounted side by side in a ¾in aluminum enclosure that fits easily into a briefcase or camera bag. Each drive is individually shock-isolated to protect against cross-coupled vibration during operation and ensure secure storage.

To protect field footage, users can configure Fusion F2's drives in RAID 1 mirrored mode and still capture Apple ProRes HQ HD fed from an AJA Io HD. This protected mode also allows for safe field transfer of media from Panasonic P2, Sony SxS Pro and similar memory cards.

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